When working together on a project for Mangrove like organizing a retreat, our collaboration relies on some main principles.

There are no managers in Mangrove. Instead, we value self-management. Having members taking clearly defined responsibilities and assuming them is key for Mangrove. Therefore, it is very important that you communicate proactively if you took a commitment earlier and you see that you will not be able to honor it in due time, whatever the reasons are. Our organization works thanks to the responsibility and reliability of every member. This is our only way to succeed at coordinating ourselves without having bosses.

For most topics, you don’t need the formal validation from someone to do something inside Mangrove. What you need to do is to make sure you intention is aligned with the Playbook ; to gather feedback about what you intend to do from the people who will be impacted; to do what you intend to ; and to quickly communicate about it.

Work is best done in teams of 3 to 5 people working towards a common objective (bigger teams are difficult to coordinate). If you are coordinating the work of a team, you should never behave like a boss towards another member. We have other ways of working efficiently together, you’ll discover them with the practice. Keep in mind that people might work in a very different fashion than yours: focus only on their end results, not the way they work.

We value transparency a lot: it breeds trust, help people to coordinate their efforts and foster a sense of collective achievement. Thus, member and teams are encouraged to share spontaneously about what they are doing and information they have. We also believe that showing gratitude towards the efforts of others is important.

We all bring differents things when working for a Mangrove project. Some of us work with a lot of intensity, others with more regularity, others help with small but important touches. It is important for us to recognise the work of everyone. We are experimenting on this topic, and the way we do it is evolving. We do not value competition between members, so we try to stay away from scoreboards or leaderboards.