Conflicts happen. It's ok.

Step 1

  • Talk to the person with whom you have a conflict. Please take the time to really try to understand them, and to express yourself in a constructive way. The fours steps of Nonviolents Communication can inspire you : When I see that.......... (Observation on which you both agree) I feel .......... (your Feelings) because my need for .......... is/is not met. (your Needs) Would you be willing to ..........? (your Request)

Step 2

  • If it doesn't work, choose a third person (preferably a Resident) as a facilitator. This person will help you to sort things out.

Step 3

  • If it doesn't work, ask advice around you to determine if a Membership Issue is at stake. If it is the case, you can start related actions. If not, you and the other members helping you will need to get creative about this conflict.