To keep our community growing together requires more than regular retreats and events. It is also necessary to keep track of the members' evolving needs, desires and feelings towards Mangrove. This helps steer Mangrove towards the direction that best fulfills all its members. This important work is undertaken by a group of dedicated members, the Residents.

Residents help set the direction of Mangrove by:

  • Gathering during Summits every 6 months to discuss their learnings and update Mangrove's vision and strategy.
  • Holding monthly calls to discuss topics such as hubs, retreats and new members
  • Writing and updating the Playbook [1]

Residents also coordinate some efforts within Mangrove to ensure a consistent direction:

  • Retreat Planning Coordinators and Event Coordinators are picked among Residents
  • Tech leadership (the tools & bots we use) is also ensured by Residents

In addition, Residents help ensure that new members who join the community deeply share the same values, which is also key for growing together. They do so by overseeing the membership process:

  • Validate which applicants can participate to a first retreat
  • Confirm Certainty periods of new members
  • Resolve Major Conflicts and Membership Issues

Finally, some administrative tasks are needed to make all this work:

  • Financial and legal aspects are managed by two Residents, who change every year. They hold positions of President and Treasurer of the legal entity behind Mangrove (registered as a French Association), coordinate financial decisions, and share with the rest of the community the state of finances and legal matters.

[1] Playbook updates must reflect a collective agreement that the Residents have reached, online or during collective intelligence work as done during a Summit. Changes can be made by any Resident; all Residents must be explicitly and quickly informed about it. Any resident has a right to veto the changes, in which case the Playbook is reverted back to the latest version which had general consensus.