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Retreats are our main way of growing together. {Write here a text inspired from what people said the summit about what retreats bought to them. search for "Tour de table 2 : Qu’est-ce que vous a apporté Mangrove" in Slack to get the debrief}

What is a retreat ? {to rerwrite : we gather at a retreat somewhere in the world, where people from different hubs mix. We typically rent a nice and spacious house or villa for a few weeks, in an relaxing and isolaled place. We spend time getting to know each other, helping each other on our projects, and working remotely. Retreats are outstanding experiences Retreats are amazing opportunities to get things done in a new environment while deepening our relationships and live unique experiences together.} Retreats are : {describe here what is a retreat using elements from the "Retreat Checklist" in the Drive. Ex : 8 members and 4 new people ; close to nature ; what is the spirit in a retreat ; ..}

  • Retreats are planned by a Retreat Squad made of 3-4 members
  • Two Retreat Planning Coordinators make sure a retreat is happening every 2 months and that motivated squads are organizing them

Retreat recruitements are targetted in hubs where we want to grow the community (#1 was Paris, #2 is Berlin)

  • {write quickly what a retreat squad is expected to do} :

    • communicate before the retreat to attract applicants fitting with our criteria
    • communicate after the retreat
    • {write this from "How to organize a Mangrove retreat" doc}
  • {write what Retreat Planning Coordinators are expected to do and not to do} :

    • maintaining a consistent retreats planning
    • motivate Retreat Squads made of newer and more experienced members
    • coaching Retreat Squads
    • helping Retreat Squads to maintain a Retreats Organizer Guide, consistent accross retreats
    • organize the feedback/learning for each retreat