Visitors and Mangrove friends

If you find typos or have suggestions for the content, you can find an Improve link at the bottom of the page. Clicking that will take you to a Github repository where you can directly suggest edits to the page content that you were on. You will need a GitHub account to access this page (it's free).

The content is formatted with Markdown. Check this Markdown cheat sheet if you need help. When editing you can see the result of the file by clicking on Preview near the top.

If needed, you view active discussions about the playbook content on the issues tab on the repository. You can also start a new discussion by creating an issue.

Mangrove Builders

As a Mangrove Builder part of the Architect track, you can directly make edits to the site. If you need help on this, please ask on the #track-architect Slack channel.

When editing:

  1. If you're sure about the content you're editing, you can directly submit your edits by selecting "commit directly to the master branch". *
  2. If the edits need to be reviewed, select "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request" and submit the form. One or more Mangrove Members can then review your changes and then update the site accordingly.

* Important - this will automatically update the live playbook site. You can confirm the site was updated by checking the build and deployment on Travis.

Tech considerations

The code for the playbook site is also available in a GitHub repository. The playbook website is built using DocPad and the instructions to get that working are available in the README file.

The content is available here.

As a Mangrove Member, request access to the repository, create a branch, push your changes and create a pull request. If you are not a Mangrove Member, you can fork the repository, create a branch on your version, push your changes and create a pull request.

We're looking forward to your contributions!