Being a member

  • {Write here what members are expected to do} :

    1. participate : be active in the discussions, participate regularly to events and retreats, bring content to others, help the others
    2. help to organize things for Mangrove. It's ok to say no when a coordinator contacts you for help when it's not a good time for you, but if you're never available to help, it can be an issue (see Membership Issues)
    3. be proactive : start initiatives that will delight the other members !

A word about Mutual help

Helping fellow members is the best thing you can do inside Mangrove: you’ll help them grow, and you’ll grow at the same time by helping. It also fosters the birth of successful personal projects.

Here are a few ideas of how to help fellow members:

  • use your skills to make someone’s personal project better
  • teach someone something cool
  • lend your flat or your couch to someone moving to your city
  • share opportunities (gigs & jobs, conference talks, event invitations)
  • connect members with people they should meet

You’ll get updates on challenges people are currently facing every week on Slack, so you can easily jump in if you can be of any help.

When someone helps you, don’t forget to share how thankful you are (on Slack for example).

A word about Collective effort

We all have a great time during retreats but also have to share all the practical tasks to run the retreat : groceries, cooking, cleaning. It’s the same in Mangrove : to enjoy all its advantages, we all need to put a collective effort.

Becoming a resident

  • Getting more involved by becoming a Resident (+ link the Resident page) :

    • {write how to become a resident}