After 2.5 years trying different ways to integrate new people in Mangrove, we realized that spending time with them during retreats was by far the best option. That's why it's now the first step: joining Mangrove starts with attending a Mangrove retreat!

Applicants to a retreat are selected according to how we perceive their mindset and their values. The mindset we are looking for is described in the "Who are Mangrove Members" section

After the retreat, if the applicant is interested in joining the community, and if all the Mangrove Members who were present at the retreat think there has a good fit with the community, he or she immediately becomes a member. The 3 main validation criteria are:

  1. Confirmation of the values and personal qualities expected for every member
  2. Good fit with the group
  3. Will and ability to get actively engaged in the community.

During the first six months, the new member is in Certainty Period. The role of this period is to make sure that he/she finds its place in Mangrove and takes actively part in the community's life. For instance, organizing an online/hub event and taking part to a Retreat Squad are a good example of the expected activity.

At the end of the Certainty Period, the Residents validate unanimously the membership and he/she becomes a member for good. If unfortunately, the person did not participate as described in "Being a Member", the membership will end there.