Lack of engagement

If a member is disengaged from the community (not answering messages, not participating in mangrove, not being available anymore for helping), he/she has to become an inactive member. This means, among other things, being removed from Mangrove’s day-to-day tools.

The person can come back an any time if he/she’s sure to be engaged again.

If someone reguarly comes back but stays inactive when coming back, it become a problem related to behavior and can lead to a more definitive exclusion.

If there is a true collaboration issue with a member because of some behaviors, mainly behaviors that are not respecting Mangrove’s values and causing real trouble to the community (other than lack of engagement), steps can be taken to try to solve this issue or, if needed, to exclude the member.

If you tried to resolve the conflict (see Handling a Conflict) but it didn’t work, and if 3 Residents agree on the problem, they need to talk to this member and share publicly that this talk happened. 45 days later, if 3 Residents (not necessarily the same ones) are still unsatisfied about this member’s behavior, they should share the information among the Residents and ask for a Resident’s vote: “Should this member still be a Mangrove member?". After 5 days of voting, if more than 50% of the voters agree that the member should leave the community, he/she has to leave.