Decision Making

Mangrove is based on freedom, transparency, and a strong sense of collectiveness. Therefore in most of the cases, you can make your own decisions, ensuring that:

  1. they follow Mangrove's purpose
  2. you consult the relevant advisors about them, and/or the members who will be impacted
  3. you promptly inform the members about your decisions (via slack)


Our system is designed to provide responsibilities (rights and duties) to the members part of specific tracks. Each track requires to have the right skills to access it (which requires the unanimous approval of the members of the track) and a minimum amount of points. Any member can apply to join the track when they have enough points.

1. Greeter (50pts + apply)

  • Responsibility to participate in the recruitment process of new Mangrove friends and Mangrove Members

2. Messenger (25pts + apply)

  • Handle social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Manage website modifications (wording & design)
  • Send and answer emails on behalf of Mangrove

3. Connector (25pts + apply)

The purpose of the connector track is to create a structured way of building connections within Mangrove and the community with the outside world. It isn’t about telling the world about Mangrove but about having a structured way for people to interact with and join Mangrove.

The connector track came about because of the need to have people on the ground growing Mangrove across the world. We have seen that without sustained energy, hubs quickly become quiet and lose value for current and potential members. This indicates ongoing energy is required in the form of hub leaders for new hubs and members in the connector track to support them and other initiatives.

Responsibilities housed in this track:

  • Building and growing hubs (learn how to grow and maintain a hub here)
  • Being a Hub Leader (keeping the energy going)
  • Orchestrating monthly drinks
  • Connecting hub members with value (coworking, coliving, etc)
  • Planning retreats
  • Starting and maintaining events (I.E growth lunch, etc)
  • Making introductions within the Mangrove community

4. Speaker (50pts + apply)

  • Pitch on behalf of Mangrove (corporate presentations, events and more)

5. Architect (100pts + apply)

  • Right to edit "What is Mangrove”, "Being a member”, "The rules” in the playbook.

6. Hacker (25pts + apply)

  • Manage and take responsibilities of Mangrove’s tech ecosystem
  • Help MB/MF in building new tools and insert them in Mangrove’s tech ecosystem
  • Ensure maintenance and scalability of Mangrove’s products