Integrating new members

After sharing a retreat or a project with a Mangrove Friend, we can decide to integrate them into our core team.


The question is raised by a Mangrove member and all members must approve it.

When Mangrove reaches 10 members, we'll switch to 5 randomly chosen Mangrove members.

Here are the main points that must be checked before admitting someone:

  1. Do they share our values? (Trust, Goodwill, Freedom, positive mindset)
  2. Do they believe in the vision we're trying to build?
  3. Have they proved their will to get involved on a daily basis in the building of Mangrove in the long-term?
  4. Do they have an entrepreneurial mindset?

    Side projects are a good way to evaluate this.

  5. Do they possess amazing skills in their field ?

  6. Would it be ok to have that person as a leader of a Mangrove project?

    Examples of people we don't want inside Mangrove

    • joining Mangrove to get more contracts
    • joining only because it's cool to be part of it
    • expecting to be told what to do once inside Mangrove


When the decision is made, the member who raised the question is responsible for the integration of the new member.

Key steps:

  1. Call or meet them to give share the awesome news.
  2. Onboard them by taking the time to explain how things are going lately, and refer to this playbook. You’ll also send the Slack welcome message (see helpcenter)
  3. Invite to Slack, Google Drive & Trello.
  4. Make a starting point with the most MM possible

    Dinner or are good options.

  5. Update with a PR (or ask someone who knows how to do it).

  6. Slack bots Rachid and Pairing Dancers will be updated automatically.

  7. Yeah you're done!

Trial period

When someone joins Mangrove, he/she starts a trial period of 3 months. The goal is to see if they fit the organization. This works both ways (the new member might not feel good inside the organization for example).

Every new member gets to choose 2 mentors. Mentors provide the help needed on a personal level (Mangrove integration, mood) & on a professional level (projects & revenue).

Trial steps:

  1. Day 0 - Starting Point
  2. Day 30 - First month review

    Gather at least 5 Mangrove Members including the 2 mentors ( or dinner). See how things are going, both ways. At the end of the review decide together to continue or to stop (go back to being a Mangrove Friend).

  3. Day 90 - End of trial

    Gather at least 5 Mangrove Members including the 2 mentors ( or dinner). See how things are going, both ways.

  4. Final decision

    The new member publicly chooses 10 members of Mangrove. These members vote anonymously (under the supervision of the 2 mentors) to decide if the new member stays inside Mangrove or goes back to being a Mangrove Friend. Votes are +1/0/-1. If the new member gets 7 or more +1 and no -1, trial ends and they stay inside Mangrove.

Time Off

Time off is great to take a step back on your life! Please let the rest of the community know when you're off so we can organize accordingly. A member is allowed up to 5 weeks without being involved in Mangrove. More than 5 weeks = becoming a Mangrove friend temporarily and not being responsible for Mangrove projects anymore.

Mangrove Friends

Mangrove Friends are people revolving around Mangrove. They share the mindset, the vision and are interested in being part of the ecosystem.

Some of the benefits of being a Mangrove Friend include:

  • Being invited to the Mangrove retreats
  • Being part of the Mangrove Friends Slack which contains several helpful services
  • Pay forward / Promotion from the community
  • Early announcements of Mangrove Events
  • Participate in peer to peer learning sessions with other Mangrove Friends to learn and share skills
  • Help by experts in various subjects (copywriting, ux, code, etc)
  • Pairing (if wanted) with other Mangrove Friends or Members