We are a community of creators who share the same values and gather around retreats.

Doing so, we grow together. We help each other and build a new lifestyle closer to our shared ideal. We also put efforts into constantly expanding to other like-minded people.

We are gathered around three values : freedom, benevolence and openness.

  • freedom: We believe that great things happen when people go out of the normal path to pursue their own.
  • benevolence: We want to do good. We believe that help is valuable to both the receiver and the giver, hence making us all happier.
  • openness: We value diversity. We want to meet inspiring people, and keep an open-minded attitude towards what we don't know.

Mangrove is not owned by anyone and is not led by an identified leader. It is organic and inspired from new kinds of organizations, like the Teal Organization. It is a non-profit organization.